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Thank you for your Trust

We would like to thank you for entrusting your patient to our care.

Who Can Refer

A referral from a General Practitioner (GP) or other Medical

Specialist is accepted.

  • GP referrals are valid with Medicare for 12 months from date of referral.

  • Medical Specialist referrals are only valid with Medicare for 3 months from date of referral.


We maintain allocations for new referral everyday. Special

consideration can also be made for Urgent Referrals.

Our Services

Our scope of services are outlined on this website. Should your patient have a condition that could be outside our scope of practice, we will do our best to find the appropriate specialist to see, who can provide the best possible management.

Health Insurance

A/Prof Gonzalvo only sees patients with private health insurance in his private practice. We unfortunately are unable to see uninsured, TAC and Worksafe patients. A/Prof Gonzalvo is the Director of Neurosurgery at Austin Health and sees uninsured, TAC and Worksafe patients there.

Online referral to A/Prof Gus Gonzalvo

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